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20 - 21 August, 2014

JW Marriot Hong Kong

Low Latency Architectures Masterclass: Led By Haim Bodek

About the Masterclass Day

For our masterclasses we bring you three of the world's top experts in the field of low latency, Haim Bodek, Tobias Preis and Dr Susannah Moat. Tobias's and Sussannah's masterclass gives you an insight into big data and how you can apply big data techniques in your organisation whilst Haim Bodek's masterclass will provide you with critical information and practical advice when designing low latenc architectures.

The masterclasses are seperately bookable, although the content of each one complements the other.

“Trading Architecture Asia is a critical event to attend to ensure you don't get left behind by the latest industry developments.”
Phillip York, CEO, Alt 224

Masterclass B: Mastering the principles of designing low latency architectures

Low latency design is an area which those responsible for their firms trading technology and architectures too often get wrong, costing their firm millions in the process. Issues such as accessing HFT rich exchanges without being burnt, choosing an effective trading surveillance system, designing a low latency architecture that it is efficient plus ensuring that you select the right hardware is fraught with difficulty.

Why Should You Attend?

This masterclass, led by one of the world’s leading experts on low latency design and HFT - Haim Bodek, will help you overcome these challenges and come back to the office armed with the tools to improve your organisation’s trading technology

Who Should Attend?

This masterclass is relevant for anyone in trading technology, trading applications design and architecture at any broker, HFT/market maker or buy-side interested with the challenges of low latency design in the marketplace. It will also help exchanges understand what are some of the concerns and considerations when thinking about designing their own architectures to attract low latency participants.

About Haim Bodek

Haim Bodek is a Managing Principal of Decimus Capital Markets, LLC, an early stage company providing services and solutions for institutional equity traders.

Career Highlights:

  • Founded Trading Machines LLC, a high frequency options trading firm that executed upwards of a half percent of the US options market, using minimal risk capital during a period of heavy industry compression
  • Headed the Electronic Volatility Trading (EVT) business at UBS investment bank that captured a significant market share in the global options market making space
  • Instrumental in negotiating an exclusive seven year option order routing arrangement between UBS Investment Bank and Charles Schwab & Co. and designed and oversaw the implementation of its associated options order router
  • Comprehensive expertise in 25+ markets globally, including market structure, API details, special order types properties, as well as regulatory, compliance and membership obligations
  • Over a decade of experience with electronic market structural change, involving continual behind-the-scenes dialogue with major exchanges and public advocacy to regulators
  • Executive sponsorship and technical oversight of four major electronic trading builds, each of which captured significant market share in US equity options markets
  • Core competencies acquired as lead electronic trading strategist at Hull Trading, a world class options market maker acquired by Goldman Sachs

Click Here to Download Haim Bodek's HFT Q&A